Stripe Button

The Stripe Button plugin is a free addon to our (commercial) Stripe Payment plugin, and it allows to use a Stripe account to accept payments on your website with no extra components.

It is very basic and it simply shows the payment buttons (see below, live demo!), and shows a message on success and sends emails to the user and the site owner.

stripe show payment button

After pressing Pay / or the localised version it may choose to show, you will be taken back to this page with a message showing the result of your payment:

stripe payment confirmation

Shortly, both the site owner and the user will receive an email like this:

stripe mail

Variable amount

The Stripe Button automatically injects two form controls:

stripe free payment fields 1

which you can easily style with CSS, or complement with a drop-down box with amounts to choose from with a little javascript coding.

Upon pressing the button, the customary Stripe button is shown:

stripe free payment fields 2

Editor button

The button makes it easy to insert a payment button. You can also test the button before inserting it in the document!

stripe button tiny mce

click on the Stripe button and insert a fixed price payment button:

stripe fixed price

or a dynamic field where the user can input an amount, and it will automatically generate a payment button when clicked:

stripe variable payment


This page showcases some of the codes you can use to generate a Stripe button: Simply insert the codes below in any article or module. If you still see your code instead of the button, ensure you have real " characters and not the typographical one (simply type it yourself in the editor in code mode).

1. Buy me a beer, euro:

{stripe-button amount="5.25" currency="EUR" description="buy you a beer"}

2. Buy me a computer, USD:

{stripe-button amount="1000" currency="USD" description="buy you a computer"}

3. Send me a variable amount, in EURO:

{stripe-button currency="EUR" description="buy you a house"}

4. send me to a new page after payment:

{stripe-button  amount="155" currency="EUR"" returnUrl="" description="Lightsaber"}

cool, right?

All you need is the Stripe payment plugin and the Stripe button plugins!

Translating the interface and email

As all the other Stripe features, all translations can be overridden in the Joomla Language Override feature.

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