Easy Https and SSL

Are you tired of Mixed Content errors in Joomla?

Solve the "mixed content" errors in your browser, stop getting a broken lock in your site.

Mixed Content, or Loading mixed (insecure) display content "http://. .."

are two very common errors, due to resources in the page requested through the insecure http:// protocol. These can be images, style sheets, javascript files, and more.

Any occurrences of http:// in your resources will be automatically replaced with https.

retax errors chrome


easy https and ssl joomla system plugin

Test Joomla settings reads the Joomla! configuration and shows a warning if SSL is not enabled there. This may however be an  appropriate configuration if your site is running behind a proxy, and the encryption is performed by the proxy. This is also a very common scenario, as the site perceives itself as being http:// so it will tend to generate http:// links.

easy https and ssl joomla configuration

Include Itemids     If set, the plugin will run only on these pages.

Exclude Itemids    these pages will be left alone.

Enable on     where should the plugin be enabled:

  • Config value   can be to SSL => the plugin is disabled; else Admin or Site+Admin, see below.
  • Admin            only enable on the administrator
  • Site+Admin    enable both in the backend and in the frontend.

Enable the plugin, save and you're all set.

ensure the Joomla configuration is set to Entire Site:

configuration enablessl

Note: this extension will NOT add a SSL certificate to your server, that is usually something your web hosting provider handles, else look into certbot / let's encrypt for a free solution.

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