Stripe Plugin Roadmap and Changelog

The Stripe Plugin, Stripe Connect Plugin, Stripe Button Plugin and Stripe Editor Button Plugin all follow the same roadmap, but some updates only apply to a specific plugin, so the latest available version may be different.

A detailed changelog is available in the ./plugins/payment/stripe/README.php file.

Version 3-Version 3.6:

  • Update to SCA - PSD/2 regulations, then progressively add JTicketing JGive and Quick2Cart v.3 (on TJ-Vendors and stand-alone).
  • New webhooks schema

In the 3.6 release the webhooks schema changed, so if you are updating from an earlier version, you need to re-create the webhooks, and if you are using Connect, authorise the new webhooks on the Stripe Dashboard.

Version 3.7.1 .. 3.7.6: beta

Version 3.7.7+

  • Release Candidate now in maintenance, it receives only bugfixes.

Version 3.8: (active development version)

  • Cosmetic changes to improve readability;
  • More automated tests and more hand-driven tests;
  • Repackaging. One package per each scenario;
    • Stripe Plugin package will include: Stripe Plugin, Stripe Button, Stripe Editor Button;
    • Stripe Connect Plugin package will include: Stripe Plugin, Stripe Button, Stripe Editor Button, Stripe Connect;
    so in each scenario users will need only install a single package. The older downloads will be maintained throughout v.3.8;
    • Try and make it possible to install packages over the current plugins;
    • Prevent Stripe Connect blocking error if installed without Stripe Payment (which is solved by the packages above anyway);
  • Migrate webhooks and warn users if old webhooks (<3.7) are found;
  • Implement a smoother onboarding for Vendors in Stripe Connect
  • Ensure item and user data is passed consistently to Stripe;
  • On Stripe Connect, show the Vendor name & id on the Stripe Checkout page.

Version 3.9:

  • Improved graphics for the plugins
  • New dedicated website to showcase the plugin properly
  • New feature to test the installation from the website
  • Code cleanup and refactoring
  • Update docs
  • Video guides
  • Translate plugins and main pages to Italian

Version 4.0:

  • Same as 3.9, the numbering will be updated after Stable is reached.